Part of our aim is to intercept items destined for landfill and give them a second chance. One such activity that does just this is our involvement in the TerraCycle programmes, collecting hard-to-recycle waste.

By sending waste to TerraCycle we avoid it ending up as litter, in a landfill
or incineration facility. Instead, new materials and products will be made
with your collected waste, reducing the need to extract new materials
from the planet.

Bicester Green shares the belief of TerraCycle that instead of wasting the
planet’s resources, we are able to create a circular economy by recycling
our commodities and together we can make an even better impact on our

We are collecting for ten programmes (full details below), which means
we collect the following types of waste:

  • Bread Bags
  • Baby food packets and pouches
  • Confectionery wrappers
  • Crisp packets
  • Ring carriers
  • Beauty product packaging
  • Biscuit and cracker packets
  • Oral care packaging
  • Home hygiene packaging
  • Disposable gloves (household, light use)

We’ve made a special unit to collect the above recycling items, so start saving them up and bring them along to The Yard!

But please only put in accepted waste. We have to box each programme separately and if there are contaminates then we don’t get any point for the whole consignment. And of course it’s not fair on us to have to dispose of your waste!

For more information on what can be collected in each programme see the images below.